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(2006). World first: Full-scale BioSure plant commissioned. Water Wheel, 5(3), 19–21.
ERWAT's Ancor Wastewater Treatment Works on the Far East Rand commissioned a 10 Ml/day full-scale plant to treat toxic mine-water from the Grootvlei gold mine using primary sewage sludge. The R15-million plant is treating sulphate rich acid mine drainage using the Rhodes BioSURE Process. First, the pumped mine-water is treated at a high-density separation (HDS) plant to remove iron and condition pH levels. Then it is pumped two km via a newly-constructed 10 Ml capacity pipeline to the Ancor works. This mine-water is then mixed together with primary sewage sludge in a mixing tank from where a splitter box directs the material to eight biological sulphate reducing reactors or bioreactors. The overflow water which is rich in sulphide is pumped through the main pump station to another mixing box. Here, iron slurry is mixed with the material before it is again divided between four reactor clarifiers for sulphide removal. The overflow water, now containing reduced sulphate levels and virtually no sulphide is pumped to Ancor's biofilters for removal of remaining Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and ammonia following the conventional sewage treatment process for eventual release into the Blesbokspruit.
World first: Full-scale BioSure plant commissioned openurl:?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.Wolkersdorfer.info%2Fgard%2Frefbase%2F&genre=article&atitle=World%20first%3A%20Full-scale%20BioSure%20plant%20commissioned&title=Water%20Wheel&issn=0258-2244&date=2006&volume=5&issue=3&spage=19&epage=21&sid=refbase%3ATshwane%20University%20of%20Technology%20%28TUT%29 citekey:2006 (2006). World first: Full-scale BioSure plant commissioned. Water Wheel, 5(3), 19-21. 2006 JournalArticle text Waste Management and Pollution Policy geographical abstracts: human geography environmental planning (70 11 5) wastewater waste facility mine waste gold mine sewage treatment 0258-2244 Water Wheel 2006 5 3 19 21