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Anonymous Development of Integrated Passive Water Treatment Systems for the Treatment of Mine Waters 2004 The @AusIMM bulletin 2004 58-62
Anonymous Selecting Mine Drainage Treatment Systems – The USBM's multistep selection method 1995 The engineering and mining journal 196 24rr
Anonymous Gewässerschutz im Tagebau – sauberes Wasser in den Bach 1994 Steinbruch und Sandgrube 87 32-33
Anonymous Red menace -- Alumina waste products neutralised – As a result of the standard aluminium extraction process, a large amount of of highly alkaline 'red mud' is produced, containing various minerals left over from the bauxite, and this must be disposed of safely, treated or stored. Using a partial-neutralising process involving sea water, Virotec has developed an environmentally responsible process that turns the mud into a mild alkali that is very good at neutralising acid in, for example, acid mine waste 2003 Materials world 11 22-25
Anonymous 1998 118 pp