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Jarvis, A.P. Effective remediation of grossly polluted acidic, and metal-rich, spoil heap drainage using a novel, low-cost, permeable reactive barrier in Northumberland, UK 2006 Environmental Pollution 143 261-268
Jarvis, A.P. Design, construction and performance of passive systems for the treatment of mine and spoil heap drainage 2000
Jarvis, A.P.; Younger, P.L. Passive treatment of ferruginous mine waters using high surface area media 2001 Water Res. 35 3643-3648
Jarvis, A.P.; Younger, P.L. Design, construction and performance of a full-scare compost wetland for mine-spoil drainage treatment at quaking houses 1999 Jciwem 13 313-318
Laine, D.M.; Jarvis, A.P. Engineering design aspects of passive in situ remediation of mining effluents 2003 Land Contam. Reclam. 11 113-126