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Lushnikova, O.Y. Kompleksirovaniye metodov tamponazha i biolokatsii dlya zashchity podzemnykh vod ot zagryazneniya i istoshcheniya. Combined methods of grouting and biolocation for protection of ground water from pollution and depletion 1996 Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy. Gornyy Zhurnal 1996 49-52
Zamzow, M.J.; Schultze, L.E. Treatment of acid mine drainage using natural zeolites 1993 International Conference on the Occurrence, Properties, and Utilization of Natural Zeolites 1993 220-221
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Younger, P.L.; Neal, C.; House, W.A.; Leeks, G.J.L.; Marker, A.H. The longevity of minewater pollution; a basis for decision-making U.K. fluxes to the North Sea; Land Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS); river basins research, the first two years 1997 The Science of the Total Environment 194-195 457-466
Matsuoka, I. Mine drainage treatment 1996 Shigen to Sozai = Journal of the Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan 112 273-281