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Al-Abed, S.; Allen, D.; Bates, E.; Reisman, D. Lime treatment lagoons technology for treating acid mine drainage from two mining sites 2002
Anonymous 1998 118 pp
Anonymous; Kontopoulos, A. Acid mine drainage control 1998 Effluent treatment in the mining industry
Arnekleiv, J.V.; Storset, L. Downstream effects of mine drainage on benthos and fish in a Norwegian river; a comparison of the situation before and after river rehabilitation 1995 Heavy metal aspects of mining pollution and its remediation 52 35-43
Barton, C.D.; Karathanasis, A.D. Aerobic and anaerobic metal attenuation processes in a constructed wetland treating acid mine drainage 1998 Environ Geosci 5 43-56