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Kuyucak, N.; Lindvall, M.; Rufo Serrano, J.A.; Oliva, A.F. 1999 473-479
Stoica, L.; Dima, G. Pb(II) removal from aqueous systems by biosorption-flotation on mycelial residues of Penicillium chrysogenum 2000 7th international Mine Water Association congress; Mine water and the environment 472-481
Turek, M. Recovery of NaCl from saline mine water in the ED-MSF system 2000 8th World Salt Symposium, Vols 1 and 2 471-475
Smit, J.P. 1999 467-471
Stewart, D.; Norman, T.; Cordery-Cotter, S.; Kleiner, R.; Sweeney, E.; Nelson, J.D. Utilization of a ceramic membrane for acid mine drainage treatment 1997 Tailings and Mine Waste '97 453-460