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Yeon, K.-M.; Park, J.-S.; Lee, C.-H.; Kim, S.-M. Membrane coupled high-performance compact reactor: A new MBR system for advanced wastewater treatment 2005 Water Res 39 1954-1961
Tsukamoto, T.K.; Miller, G.C. Methanol as a Carbon Source for Microbiological Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage 1999 Water Res. 33 1365-1370
Matlock, M.M.; Howerton, B.S.; Atwood, D.A. Chemical precipitation of heavy metals from acid mine drainage 2002 Water Res 36 4757-4764
Jong, T. Microbial sulfate reduction under sequentially acidic conditions in an upflow anaerobic packed bed bioreactor 2006 Water Research 40 2561-2571
Jarvis, A.P.; Younger, P.L. Passive treatment of ferruginous mine waters using high surface area media 2001 Water Res. 35 3643-3648