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Bliss, L.N.; Sellstone, C.M.; Nicholson, A.D.; Kempton, J.H. Buffering of acid rock drainage by silicate minerals 1997
Bannister, A.F. 1997 105-122
Eriksson, P.K.; Lien, L.A.; Green, D.H.; Kyburz, M. Nanofiltration für die Aufkonzentrierung von Kupfersulfat von Auslaugewässern und die Rückgewinnung von Schwefelsäure 1997 6. Aachener Membran Kolloquium, Preprints, Aachen, DE, 3. 5. Mar, 1997 113-121
Barton, C.D.; Karathanasis, A.D. Aerobic and anaerobic metal attenuation processes in a constructed wetland treating acid mine drainage 1997 AAPG Eastern Section and the Society for Organic Petrology joint meeting; abstracts 1545
Cox, M.R.; Peterson, G.L. The effectiveness of in-situ limestone treatment of acid mine drainage Association of Engineering Geologists program with abstracts, 40th annual meeting; Converging at Cascadia 1997 Annual Meeting – Association of Engineering Geologists, vol.40 93