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Sottnik, P.; Sucha, V. Moznosti upravy kysleho banskeho vytoku loziska Banska Stiavnica-Sobov. Remediation of acid mine drainage from Sobov Mine, Banska Stiavnica 2001 Mineralia Slovaca 33 53-60
Willscher, S. Loesungsansaetze zur Minderung der Umweltbelastung durch saure Grubenwaesser; I, Massnahmen zu deren Minimierung und Verfahren der aktiven Behandlung. Approaches for reducing environmental pollution by acid mine drainage; I, Mitigation measures and methods for active remediation 2001 Vom Wasser 97 145-166
Ye, Z.H. Removal and distribution of iron, manganese, cobalt, and nickel within a Pennsylvania constructed wetland treating coal combustion by-product leachate 2001 Journal of Environmental Quality 30 1464-1473
Ye, Z.H.; Whiting, S.N.; Qian, J.H.; Lytle, C.M.; Lin, Z.Q.; Terry, N. Trace element removal from coal ash leachate by a 10-year-old constructed wetland 2001 J. Environ. Qual. 30 1710-1719
Younger, P.L.; Banwart, S.A. 2001 419-421