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Christian Wolkersdorfer

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Since I can remember, I've been interested in mining and water. In rivers, I built dams with my brother and my cousin. When the weather allowed, we went up into the mountains, armed with torches and ropes, to explore old mining works. Until today, I am approaching my questions experimentally and focusing on applied subjects. They are centred mainly around one question: how can we manage current and future mining, including post-mining, in a way that minimises the negative effects on the environment, groundwater and surface water?



Well-founded basic chemistry knowledge is prerequisite to understand the processes in the ground- and mine water. Environmental problems can only be solved if the characteristics and reactions of potential contaminants are understood.

Mine Water Hydrology

In 1964, the first mine water congress took place in Germany. This is an obligation for me to offer high-quality mine water research and teaching in the context of environmental protection and circular economy.

Mine Water Treatment

Many mine water treatment methods are known. Nevertheless, there are niches that are worth to be investigated. Numerous passive methods, for example, are not yet sufficiently understood, and new active methods are at the threshold of general use.


“The water comes out of the tab!” Really? Without well-trained hydrogeologists nothing comes out of the water tap. We ensure that high-quality drinking water is also available in the future.


Excursions expose the students to the “real” life and for me are one of the most important elements of good teaching. They should provide insights into current solutions and questions of hydrogeology.


A deeper understanding of the chemical and dynamic processes in groundwater and mine water can nowadays only be solved by numerical modeling. They are one of the most important tools in the hands of the hydrogeologist.

My key areas of Interest

Groundwater is Water of life

In many countries, groundwater is the most important source of drinking water. Therefore, it is important for me that contamination is avoided to protect our groundwater.

Teaching on the same Level

Students are a vital investment into the future. I want to motivate them, arouse their interest, and during discussions give them the feeling of being taken seriously.

Ethical Publishing

My goal is to place high quality publications and avoid plagiarism in all circumstances. I also educate the students in teaching and research.

Responsible Research

My research has to be useful and therefore is mainly concentrated around applied studies. The aim is to protect groundwater and understand processes therein.


Exact observations are the key to understanding our environment


Analyzing the observations leads to the conceptual model

Experimental Verification

Experiments on the basis of the conceptual model verify the real world observations

Comparing Results with Observations

Adapt the conceptual model until the experiment mirrors the observations


Ethically correct publishing, where the results are considered relevant


all kinds


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My Book Publications

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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”


Prof. Dr Christian Wolkersdorfer

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