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Artificial Tracer Test Legislation

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Country Guidelines Legislation Permit Remarks

No information in the Environmental Impact Law for Mine Sites (national Law 24585: ‘Additional Standards of the Environmental Protection Act for Mining’)

Australia No, but mentioned on Government Web Page State dependet Yes Enviroment Protection Acts, Natural Resources Management Act;
Austria Yes No Sometimes ÖWAV-Regelblatt 214
Czech Republic No No Yes National Water Law: Zákon č.254/2001 Sb.; Zákon o vodách a o změně některých zákonů (vodní zákon)
Finland No Yes  Yes National Water Act (2011-05-27/587)
France No No No Loi n°2006-1772 du 30 décembre 2006 sur l'eau et les milieux aquatiques
Germany in some states Water Law Yes See published paper for details
Hungary No No Yes Environmental Protection Authority and the national health organization gives such strict regulations for the concentration values of the applied tracer that the field realization and the detection of the tracer material are extremely difficult
India No No No Organizations conducting radiochemical tracer test for research purposes need to be registered with the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) of India
Indonesia No No No  
Ireland No No No Authorities and stackeholders shall be informed
Italy Some local recommendations and unpublished guidelines for speleologists exist
New Zealand Part of Yes Federal Yes The regulations relating to tracers are set by our regional councils
Perú No for radioactive tracers for radioactive tracers When radioactive tracers are used tracer test should be presented to nuclear energy national authority (IPEN); in general, tracer test should be presented to the National Water Association (ANA)
Poland No No Yes EU Water Framework Directive
Portugal No No Yes National Water Law
Romania No No No Tracer test required for Drinking Water Zones (Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests Ordinance no. 1278/2011)
Slovakia No No Yes Paragraph 18 of water law (no. 364/2004 Z.z.)
South Africa No No sometimes Department of Water Affairs (DWA); based on South African Water Act of 1998 (Act 36 of 1998)
Spain No No Yes ‘Confederaciones Hidrogáficas’ are responsible; in the CAPV (Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco– ‘Autonomous Region of the Basque Country’) a Recommendation drafted by the Hydrogeology Research Group of the Basque Country University (UPV-EHU) for URA –Agencia Vasca del Agua, or ‘Basque Water Agency’: ‘recopilación y homogeneización de información sobre ensayos con trazadores en la comunidad autónoma del país vasco. Propuesta para la regulación de su uso’
Sweden If a tracer test is combined with test pumping then there might be a need of a water-rights judgement
Switzerland Yes No Yes Tracer announcement via national coordination centre; permission needed in some cantons; generally granted if conducted in accordance to national guidelines
United Kingdom Yes Yes Yes Article 11(3) (j) of the Water Framework Directive 
USA in some states No in most states EPA UIC regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act; variable legislation in individual states

Tracer Test Legislation in Nova Scotia

Addendum to “Regulations, Legislation, and Guidelines for Artificial Surface Water and Groundwater Tracer Tests in Canada”

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