Mine Water Treatment and Pollution Prevention in Italy

Polluted mine water is one of the biggest environmental hazards in the European Union. Many affords have been undertaken to treat those polluted waters with active and passive treatment methods or to prevent the polluted water from discharging into the environment. Unfortunately, the knowledge exchange is hindered by the language barriers between English and non-English speaking scientists, researchers, and consultants. To overcome this problem, a literature study has to be conducted.

The literature study has to summarize the literature about acid mine drainage and especially the treatment or prevention of acid mine drainage in the Italian speaking world.

Articles and books in Italian language shall be listed and if possible, the literature has to be read and summarized accordingly. At the end, the report shall consist of a description of the general problem in Italy, a list of all accessible books, journals and reports and a summary of the techniques that are used in Italy, including the proper references to those reports.

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